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  Take Advantage of Ingredients That Add Excitement to Your Baked Goods.

Make your baked goods stand out by adding the quality of Kellogg's® ingredients to your formulas.

All-Bran® is an ideal ingredient for energizing an array of bakery items. Use it in muffins, cookies and breadings to add high fiber, taste and texture.

Bran Flakes are made of whole wheat and wheat bran. You'll find that they are an ideal ingredient for bakery formulas from muffins and breads to pie crusts.

Low-Fat Granola includes whole oats, whole grain wheat, rice and almonds. Adding low-fat granola is a great way to create a variety of healthier, texture-rich bakery items such as cookies, muffins and specialty bread.

Graham and Chocolate Meals: offering several different meals, including no-sugar-added graham. These products make the perfect base and topping for your cheesecakes, pies and dessert applications.

Graham Crunch: a random-cut graham cracker nugget. This product is great as a topping or inclusion in your dessert product.

Ready Crust Pie Shells: are pre-spun nine-inch graham crumb and chocolate crumb pie shells, also available as a three-inch graham tart shell. These are perfect for your dessert crumb pie or cheesecake applications when you don’t have the ability to spin or press your own pie.

Additional cookies/crackers and cereals: Kellogg produces an array of items that can be used to enhance baked products. Let the Kellogg’s/Keebler Ingredient Group help you create a truly unique bakes item by using our ingredients as a base, topping or as an inclusion.
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